Yes, this beautiful scene is where I’ve been blessed to be able to go for my most recent writing retreats…

IMG_20140312_082324_940though I’m hoping for much less snow this time of year. I have some friends who are in transition and have been in need of a house-sitter, dog-sitter while they are making arrangements for a move… so I’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to get alone and write.

My last writing retreat wasn’t as successful as I’d have liked.

Though I was away for 4 straight days, I only got 10,000 words done. Some of the reason was other work responsibilities that kept jumping onto my plate during that time, but I also ate something that was bad and fell ill one night.

Man, that was the worst… being sick, and not at home.

This time, I’m pretty optimistic that barring any circumstances like those, I should be able to crank out at least 40,000 works on the rough draft of my second novel in the Dragon Slayer series, which would put me pretty close to the end of that book.

Then would come the second draft, personal editing, etc. before I send it out to beta readers. By the way, if you’re interested in being a beta reader for the next novel, you can contact me about that possibility.

I’d appreciate your prayers for my retreat…

Yes, I pray about my retreats. I see the fiction that I’m producing as being much more than stories. They are opportunities to put the truth of God into an engaging format that can push folks to think about the very real circumstances of life, in light of God and His truth. I find it to be a combination of creative and teaching gifts the LORD has entrusted to me, and it’s a lot of fun.

  • Pray for me to have the diligence and discipline needed to sit down and write.
  • Ask the LORD to give me His desires for the story arc and plot, as well as the theological issues the story should bring up.
  • Pray for me not to miss my family too much (and vice versa). These retreats are great for writing, but hard on relationships.

Thanks for your support and help. I couldn’t do this without you.