One of the things I love about the Ebook revolution is that you can find all kinds of cheap Kindle books, Nook Books, etc.

“Cheap” could mean a great price… which is what I like. But “cheap” could also mean:

  • poor quality
  • bad writing
  • sketchy formatting
  • terrible graphics or cover art
Many of the promotion lists that exists publicize anything that is free or 99cents. When that’s the case, you’re likely to get “cheap Kindle books” from both standpoints.

Cheaply priced Kindle books, but with high quality… that’s what we want!

And finally, somebody’s done it. Buck books** is a new email list that is aimed at promoting Ebooks for independent authors. It features books that are on sale for 99 cents, but also requires them to be truly “good” books with:

  • great quality
  • excellent writing
  • professional formatting
  • high quality graphics and cover art
Cheap Kindle bookNaturally, I can’t vouch for the moral content of the books they feature, but can assure you that the books you find will not drive you crazy because of typos, irritating covers, or just plain bad writing.

No-brainer author marketing too

Buck books is also a great way for independent or self-published authors to get their books more exposure. Most of these “lists” require some kind of fee for the author, but Buck Books is different. It costs authors nothing.




Authors submit their books for consideration and on approval, are included in the Buck books email for all the subscribers to see.

Here’s how Buck books works.

  1. Go to the Buck books website and sign up for their mailing list.
  2. You’ll receive emails highlighting the 99 cent books they’ve approved for their list.
  3. You can check out those books and purchase through the links provided if you’re interested.

It’s that simple. As long as you utilize their list, you’ll never pay more than a buck for a high quality ebook.

And Buck books is an affiliate program (that means you could make some cash)

If you’d like to make a few extra bucks by promoting this easy-to-use, no-brainer program to readers and authors, here’s how you do it.

What do you get paid?

  • For every person you refer, who signs up for the email list, you get $1. (Buck books… get it?)
  • For every person you refer to the affiliate program, you get 10 cents. (Yeah, it’s small… but every penny helps, right?)
  • You get paid every time your account reaches a $20 balance.

So for example: If you sign up for the list through one of my links (here, or above, or by clicking the picture above), I’ll get $1. If you sign up to be an affiliate of Buck books through one of my links, I’ll get 10 cents. It’s that simple.

Would you support what I’m doing through the Dragon Slayer Chronicles series?

If you would be kind enough to use my affiliate link to sign up for Buck books, you’ll help me put food on the table through the income I receive so that I can spend my time creating the best novels I can.

** affiliate link