There were points in wrapping up this series that I felt the end would never come. But it’s done… book three is now LIVE on Amazon, and one thing I love about the fact that I took so long is this…

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I’ve long wished Amazon gave self-published authors the ability to print their books in hard cover and now it’s here. I’ve got a hardback of all three of my books on the way to my house right now. I’ll check them over with a fine-toothed comb because if they are good enough quality, I’m sending a 3-book set to all of my kids since they were the ones who encouraged me to write the books in the first place.

You can get yours now.

Another item in the works…

Now that hard cover editions are a thing, I want to create a 3-in-1 set that is more of a “Collector’s Edition” or “Gift Edition” that would be perfect for Christmas gift giving, special occasions, etc. I’d love to have it ready by the Christmas season.

What’s going to be so special about it?

  • All three novels in one hardback book
  • A special, limited edition cover with professional artwork only available on this edition (maybe a full scene from the book that wraps around the entire cover?)
  • Character images interspersed throughout the pages of the book (I’ve already connected with an artist who is doing a FABULOUS job on the first ones. See the image of Silas just below this list.
  • A special Appendix: Dragons in Human History — historical accounts of creatures encountered by real people that appear to have been some sort of dragon.
  • And possibly some other fun stuff…
“Silas the Screw” — the main protagonist in the series

And yet ANOTHER project on the horizon

I’ve long wanted to create an audiobook version of the series and now may have the time to get started on it.

The administrative side of me says, “If I only record a chapter a day I can get one book done in just over a month.” Sounds good. Nice theory. But I know that life doesn’t work that way (at least not my life).

AND… I’m not at a point I can even get started right now given how my business and other endeavors are going. And then there’s family time, church involvement, blah, blah, blah…

So… pray for me. I’d love to get the audiobook versions done in my own voice, before the Christmas gift-giving season as well. But I’m not holding my breath. That would actually make it pretty hard to record anything, so…

Thank you for your encouragement and support.

It’s been great to write the series and fun to interact with fans about the books. Please feel free to write to me to let me know what you think. I do answer my own email. carey(at)dragonslayerbook(dot)com.

I’d also appreciate you going to Amazon to leave a review.

And tell people you love about the series. It wraps up with a bang (and a few surprises). 🙂