The Dragon Slayer Chronicles Omnibus (all 3 books in one)

This is the print version of the 3-in-1 Dragon Slayer Chronicles series. It features…

  • All three books (Beginnings, Rising, Sacrifice)
  • Traditional print on the cover & back
  • Hard Cover only
  • Original cover artwork
  • BONUS illustrations of the main characters (see below)
  • Professionally edited text

Books are printed one at a time as you order, so please allow 3 to 5 weeks for printing and shipping (fulfilled via Amazon).

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The SPECIAL EDITION Illustration-only Omnibus!

This “Special edition” version features the cover artist’s vision of the dragon slayer conflict with no text to obscure the scene in a “wrap-around” format. It features…

  • The special over – the only text is small and on the upper spine of the book
  • All three books included (Beginnings, Rising, Sacrifice)
  • Hard Cover only
  • BONUS illustration of the main characters (see below)
  • Professionally edited text

Books are printed one at a time as you order, so please allow 3 to 5 weeks for printing and shipping (fulfilled via Amazon).

Makes a great GIFT for holidays or birthdays!

BACK of cover————————–SPINE————————–FRONT of cover

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What if dragons really were a source of terror since the dawn of time?

Dragons have been forgotten, relegated to the realm of fairy tale and myth. But not all the people believe them to be gone. Commoners whisper of their existence and the old ones among the people recount tales from their childhoods; terrifying abductions in the dark of night, the horrendous, flaming destruction of their family homes.

A growing dread, a heavy foreboding lies heavy across the lands. Rumors of an ancient ancestral cult spread on the wind… and the Dragon Masters wait; a sinister force lurking in the darkness, growing in the shadows. They are patient. Preparing. They will rise.

Hon, a 6 year-old boy, is stripped violently from his family, orphaned, and thrust into the conflict between the Dragon Masters and the lords of the lands. As he grows, so does his hatred for the beasts. He enters the clash head-on, assembling a motley group of strong but all-too-human men. Their ambition: to end the dragons and their Masters for good. But Hon continues to battle the terror, the wounds that threaten to overthrow his mind.


Three versions available: eBook – Paperback – Hardcover

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Dragons are rising…

and behind the beasts is a sinister group, led by the will of their ancestors, waiting for centuries, until the time to rise.

The four Dragon Lords lurk in shadow and mystery, guiding events to bring about their rise to power and the domination of the known world. Their power grows with each passing day. The terror of their vicious beasts fills every land with fear and darkness.

Carefully hidden, an unlikely group of brave souls rises as well. Their aim: to destroy the Dragon Lords and their fearsome beasts before every land is subjected to their evil. Led by a young man haunted by a childhood encounter with a great red dragon, each of them is destined to discover that danger not only rises from the Dragon Masters, but also from their own sordid pasts.

They know the danger. But they also know what will happen to their families and the land they love if the evil of the Dragon Lords is not stopped.


Three versions available: eBook – Paperback – Hardcover

Makes a GREAT gift!

2 Dragon Masters and their beasts are dead. 2 more still plague the land.

The dragon slayers have paid a high price for their victories. A child has been lost, psychological terror has struck, and a traitor is among them. Their courage and faith will be tested as they fight to rid the land of the dragon menace and restore the rightful ruler.

But Silas the Screw has a surprise… His mighty red dragon has hatched two of her offspring. They will soon join their mother in oppressing the land.

What sacrifices will be required to overcome the scourge?

Set in a Medieval / Dark Ages, this series tells the story of a boy, orphaned when a dragon attacks his village and kills his mother, and how he becomes the leader of a band of dragon fighters. The story ranges across 4 different lands set in forests, icy mountains, desert kingdoms, and wide river valleys.


Three versions available: eBook – Paperback – Hardcover

Makes a GREAT gift!

What readers are saying…

This story is an awesome mix of the fantasy that I love and the Christianity I emulate. The characters are fun and engaging, the situations are realistic, even with dragons mixed in.

S. Winston

Amazon Reviewer

These books are good for any age group – especially good for group or family reading. An epic adventure story with fantastic characters, great lore, and biblical truths throughout


Amazon Reviewer

Carey Green is a gifted writer. Biblical truths are woven into his brilliant writings. Well-painted imagery and a capturing story line meet the gospel told in a fiction story. It’s definitely a page turner despite my dyslexia. I looked for opportunities to pick up my kindle and get more reading done.

E.S. Taz Bright

Amazon Reviewer

 I am a 30-something Mom and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! The writing is not so geared toward teens or young adult that I felt like I was reading a kids book, but also not so advanced that it would be above a teen or young adult. I loved the themes and struggles that are common to us all that are weaved into the story. I do not usually read fantasy genre, but this author has written a book that was hard for me to put down. I would definitely recommend that anyone who enjoys reading pick up this book!! You won’t be disappointed.

Amber B.

Amazon Reviewer

I purchased books one and two at the same time. I was so pleased and entertained by the first book that I immediately read book two. This book has even more action, suspense and plot twists than the first book, and the ending will definitely make you anxious for volume 3. In this book you really get to know the characters even better, and Carey writes with a strong Christian perspective that I find really refreshing as some of the characters question why bad things happen but they know they still need to be strong in their faith.

Chris L.

Amazon Reviewer

This on the surface is a simple adventure story of both wise and evil characters, fearsome beasts and engaging plot twists. But Mr Green weaves in some very nice theological truths into situations that are relatable and therefore memorable. It is a nice way to be reminded of some great verses while enjoying a good story. 

Jennifer T.

Amazon Reviewer

I really loved this book! It kept me in suspense wanting to know what happened next! A great read!!!!
Charity C.

Amazon Reviewer

From the first scene I was drawn in to the story. It is important to me that I LIKE the characters and there are several to like here. Really do not have anything negative to write. One day that’s about all I did was read Dragon Slayer. At least I did get my kitchen cleaned! The book kept calling me back. I am looking forward to reading the next one in the series. Often times I read fiction and can’t remember the name of the book a week later. Not so with Dragon Slayer. Very good! Called my three sisters and they will be getting this book as well. Mr. Green, I hope you will want to write more Christian fiction. Thanks!

Valerie B.

Amazon Reviewer

This was a hard book for me to get into since I am not a big fan of fantasy, but once I did I was hooked till the very last page. The story is amazing and has so much going on that you find yourself falling into the story walking with the characters through this epic adventure. Set in medieval times, the way the author opens the story using the book of Job from the Bible, which was a great move. It filled you with anticipation and a sense of foreboding before the book began. The author described scenes with such detail that you can picture them vividly and feel the fear, sadness and loss from the villages when the dragon arrives, terrorizes them and leaves them destroyed in every sense of the word. The character development is outstanding highlighting real-life struggles and issues. Silas is ruthless and unpredictable, while Hon (Honour) is emphatic, sensitive and full of love for others, two polar opposites, each with their own agenda to destroy and to protect. The story sticks to the Christian genre without being overdone really balancing the struggle of good and evil throughout. If you love mystery, suspense, fantasy, the struggles between good and evil than this this is a book for you.


Amazon Reviewer

Dragon lore has made a bit of a return with movies like How to Tame Your Dragon. Unlike those movies Carey follows the traditional view in literature that is dragons represent something more sinister and dangerous. Also, he does not exempt men of being that way either as a dragon master is also involved in the plot. There are well developed heros and allies in the story with a intriguing plot keeps moving without getting lost in the details. There is hint of a Tolkien influence in the story but the story is very unique to itself. The author does well to describe the human struggle against evil forces without making them merely simplistic. He also brings the element of faith of God into the story to where the hero has to learn to draw his strength from. In reading other books in this genre before I was highly impressed with the thought and detail to the story. This series is highly recommended

Gary C.

Amazon Reviewer

The Christian life isn’t always tidy and peaceful and Dragon Slayer drives that point home. The novel successfully intertwined the horrific struggles of humanity, often in the form of greed, malice, pain and loss and delicately balanced it with the sustaining hope of the Christian faith. Therein lies the charm of the writing; even nonbelievers of this faith would be compelled to continue on the journey of Hon, created by author Carey Green.

The varying points of view through out the novel will either be appreciated as thoroughness of character and plot development or cause some disquiet to a reader who longs for a more structured point of view of the protagonist. An easy read filled with action and life lessons which will leave you wanting more. Overall an excellent break out novel for author Carey Green, worth the investment of time to embrace it.

Amanda M.

Amazon Reviewer

I could not stop reading! It was so good. To have a book with faith intertwined…wonderful! A must read. Wow


Amazon Reviewer

About the series (from the author)…

Cast in a medieval setting, in earth’s distant past, this speculative tale imagines the existence of beastly dragons, the premiere predators of the animal kingdom. Though imaginative, I’ve done my best to write the series as realistically as I could, as life would have been had dragons truly co-existed with mankind.

But more importantly, the books are written to address real-life issues faced in modern times. The devastation of loss, grief, injury, and post traumatic stress disorder are woven into the stories. The character’s struggles with these issues is depicted honestly and in an attempt to treat such issues with the seriousness they deserve.

As well, the inevitable questions about God, faith, and the existence of evil that rise from such experiences are dealt with honestly, from scripture, and without trite or simplistic answers. Scripture is included (KJV) in a number of dialogues as spiritually mature characters speak into the lives of other characters, but it’s presented in a compassionate, non-preachy way. I believe you’ll find your faith in God strengthened and the truth of His majestic reign over human events magnified and honored.

One last thing… though the genre of these books is best categorized as “Christian low fantasy,” they contain no magic, sorcery, or demonic evil. In other words, no talking dragons, wizards, or demonic villains. The dragons represented in my books are beasts… my best characterization of what dragons would really be like if they existed in the course of human history.

But having said that I feel that I should issue a bit of a “PARENTAL WARNING“…

I don’t shy away from the reality of human evil and the heinous things evil people perpetrate in the world. There are a number of violent battle scenes, tragic and heart-wrenching losses, and passing descriptions of gore and fleshly wounds. I also depict the real-life “gray area” choices good people must make to protect the innocent and stand for virtue. My goal is to be realistic, without being overtly gross, allowing the reader’s imagination to craft the details of a situation from the basic descriptions provided.

These books come from stories I told to my older three kids when they were small. Bedtime, road trips, and many other occasions, my kids asked, “Dad, can you tell us a Hon story?”

I did… and they finally convinced me to put them into book form. The original stories my children heard were very much children’s-level stories of adventure and basic character that came impromptu from my own imagination.

But they didn’t remain the simple, innocent stories my children first heard once I began writing.

As the characters and storyline developed, I recognized an opportunity to use the power of a good story to highlight God’s activity and presence as we go through the heartaches and pains experienced in every human life. So they are not children’s stories in their present form… they are adult illustrations of faith in action amidst the difficulties of life.

About the Author…

I’ve been married since 1989, have 5 kids, 7 grandkids (at the moment) and have served as a Pastor in churches around the United States for well over 20 years. I’ve served as a Bible teacher for more than 30 years. I love Jesus, my family, and my life.

I’ve authored several books besides the Dragon Slayer Chronicles, most on Christian living and discipleship, but I have taken a jaunt into children’s books with my self-illustrated picture book, “The Great Smizzmozzel Bash.” You can find all my books here.

I publish a Daily Devotional Podcast called “The Morning Mindset” and I invite you to join me and over 12,000 daily listeners as we get our minds aligned with the truth of God’s word each day.

My wife and I publish two podcasts: “You and Me and Jesus” (Christian Marriage) and “God Fearing Kids and the Parents Who Raise Them” (Christian parenting.

I’d love to get to know you, too. You can contact me at carey (at) dragonslayerbook (dot) com.